Each district fits into an unofficial classification of "White, Black, Grey, Red, or Blue district.

White Districts

White districts are the clean and functioning districts where law is enforced. These are often the richer districts with the majority also being residential districts. Often these districts are highlighted as examples of Olympia’s greatness.

Black Districts

Black districts are the shady areas where psudo legal and highly illegal things occur. This is not limited to poorer districts, and some of the most popular and high-class areas are considered black districts.

Grey Districts

Grey districts are low law districts. Often run by criminals, basic balances are in place and working preventing the depravity of a black district.

Red districts are areas that are in conflict. This can be full fledged gang conflict, military control, corporate control over an area, or any other entity that might shoot you for being in the area. Red districts are a hazardous topic, not to be talked about in public.

Blue districts are areas that aren’t fit for public activity. Massive industrial districts that are only filled with workers during the day, some even operated entirely without a human presence. Lingering in these districts without a work permit is extremely suspicious.


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